George Lowe
Owner, Sparkfactor
March 31, 2020, George managed Wesley directly


I worked with Wesley on many critical projects. Wesley has the knack of creating unique designs in interface design, along with many of the other projects that we collaborated on. Wesley did a masterful job combining input from all sides to create beautiful designs, some of them are still in use today! Beyond her clearly demonstrable artistic capabilities, Wesley is also a great photographer and her ideas always elicit a great response. Her multimedia capabilities are across the chart.


Peter Griffith
President of Mentum LLC. Creative marketing that sparks emotions which change behavior.
October 26, 2019, Peter managed Wesley directly


Wesley Reid was exceptionally skilled when we worked together and knew how to develop, design and execute faster than what would take six mortal men. Her portfolio has only gotten better and with her masters in psychology now, I know her abilities to strategically think like a consumer or user would make her a strong partner on any project.


Lynn Baus-worked together at Tribal DDB and Wencel/Hess
Graduate Student DePaul University | MA Experience Design
January 24, 2010, Wesley worked with Lynn in the same group


Wesley is a true creative spirit. I’ve seen her dedication to taking her vision further with each project she tackles first hand. She brings a unique chemistry and energy to all that she does.

Joe Henson-worked together at Calumet Photographic “where the pros go”
Chief Technology Officer at Label Insight, Inc.
September 29, 2019, Joe managed Wesley directly


Wesley brought great new creative ideas and creative direction to the team that enabled her team to produce more and higher quality work. She earned the respect and trust of her team.

Dean Finocchi-worked together at Calumet Photographic “where the pros go”
Director / Manager Software Development
June 5, 2019, Dean worked with Wesley in different groups


Wesley is an exceptional creative director with a true talent for site usability and clean, polished designs. As a leader she transformed her employees into an efficient and dedicated team. With a good work ethic and positive attitude, she has a gift for motivating and mentoring those around her.

Beth Strautz-Worked together at Point B communications
President at Vagus, Inc. and Owner, Vagus, Inc.
February 27, 2018, Beth was a client of Wesley’s


I have worked with Wesley for over 4 years in a number of capacities – as a colleague and as a vendor. In short, Wesley is one of the most talented web designers I have ever worked with. While working with her as a colleague at an ad agency, 9 times out of 10 her designs were chosen by clients. Currently, as an ad agency owner, I have brought Wesley in on design projects when other designers just couldn’t nail the client’s vision. She always delivers.

Doris Jeske-Worked together at Point B communications

Substitute Teacher at IKan Regional Office of Education

January 16, 2008, Wesley worked with Doris in the same group


Wesley was the sole interactive designer for Point B. She was not only efficient and skilled, she was also extremly creative, quick-witted and a joy to work along side! She is one inspired woman.

Stacy Rosenberg Kashy
Metric driven online lead generation expert
January 2, 2018, Stacy managed Wesley directly


Seldom will you encounter a creative professional who excels at concepting, offline design, interactive and photography. Wesley truly has a unique skill set and will bring her enthusiasm to any project or position.

Alison Yarjan-Worked together at Point B communications
Senior Account Supervisor at Fidelity Investments
December 20, 2017, Wesley worked with Alison in the same group


Wesley carries with her a true vision for each and every Creative initiative. Her design execution in combination with her business-savvy approach makes her an asset to any organization.